Andy Langworthy

Andy Langworthy

Chartered Financial Planner

I worked as a financial adviser for Lloyds Bank for 17 years, then self-employed with a London IFA firm for 3½ years before joining HarperLees on 21 March 2017 where I give Financial Planning advice. I joined HarperLees because they are aligned with my way of working – cash flow modelling based Lifestyle Financial Planning. I am passionate about helping my clients have a better life and making financial decisions really easy for them.

I have a background in Karate, having attained black belt in Shotokan and Wado-Ryu.

What next at HarperLees?

Growing my client base, ideally with new clients from the local area.

I’ve always given my clients a great service and it will keep improving with HarperLees.

Professional qualifications?

Chartered Financial Planner
AF1, AF2, AF3, AF5

When not at work I enjoy
  • Gym, golf, supporting an educational charity in Kenya run by some old Lloyds Bank colleagues who I climbed Kilimanjaro with in 2011.
  • In 2016 I visited and opened a new classroom for the reception class
  • I have two sons, Joe & Max and a Catalan Sheepdog.
My bucket list
  • Cape Town
  • San Francisco
  • China
  • Vietnam
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