A friend, the son of a client, Rob suggested I meet Adrian. I was looking for a bit of help to understand where I was at financially and what I could achieve with financial planning.

The whole financial planning process has made me think about what I really wanted to do. It has helped me confront myself about what I earn, what I spend and what’s left over. It’s been a really good discipline and has helped me make some key decisions. The cash flow modelling gives a very visual picture of the impact certain actions can have over time. One of my treats used to be changing my car every two to three years. Now I’m hanging on to them a bit longer.

When I was made redundant fairly recently, the planning gave me the confidence to know I was going to be OK. We did some additional cash flow modelling to see how everything would play out. HarperLees also helped me find the legal advice I needed when I had to act quickly.

It is very reassuring to have confirmation of my overall financial picture. The advice has been practical and shown sensible ways of achieving my goals as my life changes.

Pete Murphy
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