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The challenge of ‘Lockdown’ is affecting different people in different ways as we realise life is quite different to what it used to be.

Social Distancing and Shielding Guidelines

The latest social distancing guidance of ‘Support Bubbles’ can be found here.

On 23 June, Boris Johnson’s announcement to the House of Commons can be found here.

Clarification of the new guidelines including the impact on those over 70 and/or in the vulnerable group is discussed in an updated Government Q&A available here.

We also found an informative explanation of the changes from the BBC, here.

The Government has issued new guidance – Face coverings: when to wear one and how to make your own. Available here

We found the following examples of face covering providers, which are also raising funds for a selection of charities:

World Wildlife fund

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably

GOSH – Great Ormond Street Hospital

NHS Charities together, COVID 19 Urgent Appeal, BFC foundation Fashion Fund and The Wings of hope children’s charity

Re-Entry Anxiety

Happiful have released an article which discusses ‘Re-entry anxiety’ – the fear of returning to ‘normal’ as the lockdown conditions are eased, whilst our inherent way of life is being fundamentally altered. Please click here to read the full article.


Mind, the charity for better mental health, offers this simple checklist as a starting point: 

  • Food: do you have delivery channels set up if you can’t go out?
  • Cleaning: do you have cleaning supplies?
  • Work: can you carry on working, including working from home? If not, can you find out your rights to payment or benefits?
  • Medication: do you have enough medication, or a way to get more?
  • Health: can you reorganise any planned therapy or treatments?
  • Connectivity: have you got ways to keep in contact with people you see regularly, like their phone numbers, email addresses? Do you need help setting up digital communication, like a video calling app?
  • Routine: can you create a routine or timetable for yourself? And if you live with other people, should you create a household schedule? Do you need to agree how the household will run with everyone at home all day?
  • Exercise: is there any physical activity you can do inside your home, like going up and down the stairs, using bean tins as weights, or exercises you can do in your chair?
  • Nature: have you thought about how you can bring nature into your home? Can you get some seeds and planting equipment delivered, or put up photos of green spaces?
  • Entertainment: have you thought about things to do, books to read or TV shows to watch?
  • Relax: have you got materials so you can do something creative?

Further information and guidance can be found on Mind’s website here.

Visit for a range of free self-help guides including Positive Steps to Wellbeing by clicking here.

Guidance and Support is available from the Mental Health Foundation with tips, practical advice and links to organisations that can help here.

Lockdown Easing Worries

Many may have a mixture of emotions as we see the lockdown easing further. On one hand, you might be craving some structure to your day, or looking forward to a socially-distanced catch up with a friend. But on the other, returning to situations you have not been in for some time may bring concern and anxiety. Bupa have a useful self-techniques guide. Click here.

Supporting dependents

Social distancing can be a difficult concept for some children and young people to understand. Going from being surrounded by friends all day to the confines of home can be hard to handle. has put together some great resources and guidance for improving an understanding of why it is necessary and help for children, young people and adults to stay well. It includes home learning resources. Click here.

Strained relationships

The Livewell Campaign suggests three steps to take when anxiety and stress start to affect relationships:

Pause. If a disagreement escalates to a point where you are no longer in control, stop and take a deep breath.

Think. Reflect on why an argument started.

Resolve it. Take a step back. Is the argument about something important, or can you come back to it when you are both calmer?

More information can be found here.

Individual advice

Please contact HarperLees if you would like to be put in touch in strict confidence with one of our family counsellor connections. Call 01277 350560 or email

If your child becomes unwell

Please do not put off going to A&E due to the current coronavirus pandemic if you feel it is necessary. The Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust has produced a short video to assure you the NHS and its hospitals are ready to treat any unwell child. Watch the video by clicking here.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have produced a traffic light system to follow if your child is exhibiting certain symptoms. NHS 111, GPs and hospitals are still providing the same safe care that they have always done. Download the document by clicking here.

Coronavirus, faith and bereavement announces that all places of worship are closed on their website and provides links to what you should do if you have to register a death, organise a funeral and would benefit from bereavement support. It is based on advice from the Government and Public Health England and can be read by clicking here.

Financial Stress from CALM

If you find yourself running into financial difficulties, please contact us for a non-judgemental discussion. We will look to point you in the right direction. Helpful practical advice is also available here

UK Test and Trace System

The UK Test and Trace system has been launched. Full details of the guidance can be found at:

Please be aware that an official call or text will only come from the NHS on 0300 0135000.

The NHS Test and Trace service will NOT:

  • ask for bank details or payments
  • ask for details of any other accounts, such as social media
  • ask you to set up a password or PIN number over the phone
  • ask you to call a premium rate number, such as those starting 09 or 087

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