Not just existing

We were both paying into pensions but the use of them seemed such a far off thing until Chris lost his job of 33 years. Although he found another job, we had a fairly significant pension pot just floating around and we knew something had to be done.

Rather than just look at our pensions alone, Adrian and Steph enlightened us to the importance of lifestyle financial planning. Until then, planning for the future had been quite an abstract thing for us.

Adrian made it very real. How were we going to make our money work so that we carry on living a nice lifestyle when we stopped working? Where was the money going to come from? Not just to exist but to really live. Also, what was the point of earning money we might not even spend?

Although our lifestyle wasn’t vastly expensive, we needed to know how much money we would need. Not only did Steph help us understand this, she presented us with options for organising our money more effectively.

Now we know we are in good shape to carry on with all the things we love doing including working when we don’t have to.

Chris & Sass Lawrence
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