Caring for my Aunt

I came across HarperLees when I needed to help my elderly Aunt, a home owner, to stay in her own home whilst affording the necessary care. I approached an equity release company directly and was told I needed a financial adviser or intermediary to help. I’m so glad I did because HarperLees came up with a far better solution and saved me a huge amount of time and effort and my aunt a great deal of money.

The solution was really excellent and quite different to what we were expecting. An immediate needs care annuity was set up allowing tax free amounts to be paid directly to the carers out of equity on the house.

My Aunt can now stay in her own home with a live in carer and payments are made directly to the agency and her care and personal security is now protected for life.

HarperLees handled everything for me. They worked out the long term financial profile and needs, identified state benefit implications and liaised with the Council. We didn’t think my Aunt was entitled to a living allowance but HarperLees advised us and she is now £340 per month better off.

We have a complete care package in place and the whole thing was completely seamless.

Adrian is very personable and covers a lot of issues not just the financial ones. The whole burden was lifted from my shoulders at a very reasonable fee. We were also saved tens of thousands of pounds in errors we could have made following the traditional equity release route and not using the most effective solution from a taxation perspective.

Jennie Duffy
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