Our Process

The whole financial planning process has made me think about what I really want to do. It has helped me confront myself about what I earn, what I spend and what’s left over. It’s been a really good discipline and has helped me make some key decisions.

Pete Murphy


Time to listen

Our initial conversations covers four key things:

  1. An understanding about you. What is important to you and motivates you? Your immediate, medium and longer term goals in life
  2. Some fact finding, gathering and analysing your financial data to identify your current position
  3. Your attitude to and capacity for both risk and reward
  4. Your time horizons for achieving your priorities


We begin to develop your plan, underpinned with a cashflow model

The cashflow modelling gives your plan a reality check and helps you make good, informed decisions:

  1. Captures your changing income streams and lifestyle expenditure through current and future life stages, incorporating your ‘what if’ scenarios for discussion
  2. Confirms where you are now and where you are going if nothing changes… ‘if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’ (Henry Ford)
  3. Provides a clear map and illustrates the impact of any financial decisions you may want to make, identifying what’s necessary to get to where you want to be… the changes


We start to implement the changes we have agreed that will make your plan your reality

A plan without action is not a plan that can effect change, so:

  1. We focus on the actionable priorities
  2. We explain our recommendations
  3. We get your approval to take action
  4. We act and review our actions with you


We provide regular plan monitoring and management

This ensures your plan constantly evolves over time:

  1. We have a review after implementation to confirm we are on the agreed course
  2. We have formal plan management updates and regular contact with you
  3. We ensure your plan remains current and achievable by monitoring progress and making adjustments
  4. We make sure you have the flexibility you need, to accommodate the inevitable unknowns
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