Can you afford to retire, and when?

Feeling comfortable about the future and knowing someone you can trust is dealing with the planning and risk management removes all the pressure, allowing me to concentrate on the things that are really important to me and my family.

Bill Briggs

When it comes to providing for retirement, too many people are doing too little too late. Planning for retirement is all about giving you the freedom to choose when you retire and matching the income you receive in retirement with your desired lifestyle.

Retirement isn’t about growing old gracefully

Retirement is another lifestyle change, an exercise in personal choice funded by the good decisions you made in your younger life. Retirement should not be governed by an arbitrary age such as when you can receive your State Pension nor controlled by a third party. ‘Retirement’ can mean different things, take different shapes and last for 40 years or more. Whether you ‘retire’ in your 40s, 50s 60s or 70s some of the key questions are:

  • Will you have enough money to live the life you want without the fear of running out of money or dying with too much?
  • How can you achieve this as tax efficiently as possible?
  • How can you pass your wealth down through the generations if you wish to?


Although freedom to spend your pension fund the way you choose, may seem like new news, this flexibility has been part of mainstream retirement planning since 1995. Indeed, Adrian wrote his first flexible pension in 1996, shortly after creating HarperLees.

What has been a huge and beneficial change in recent years, is the ability to pass on hard-earned pensions to families tax free. This removes the previous 55% tax charge on pensions fund on death (down from 82% at its peak) once benefits had started in payment. Pension funds are now one of the most tax efficient assets to pass on.

Pensions are just part of the retirement answer

Being aware you can do something is not the same as doing the right thing. Good informed decisions must be made about all your assets, not just your pension. This includes property, investments, savings and debt. Used all together to create:

  • Tax efficient income in retirement
  • Financial security for loved ones and
  • Tax efficient transfer of wealth in life and death.

The decisions made today, impact you and your family for life. Nobody plans to fail … they just fail to plan.

Given the opportunity, wouldn’t you want these decisions to be the best they can be?

Adrian is recognised by the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) and the Personal Finance Society (PFS) as a Retirement Planning Specialist


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