Team growth & exam success

17th December 2018

HarperLees Team

Adrian Quick, Steph McDonald, Louise MacLean, Laura Emerson, Mark MacLean, Andy Langworthy, Carrie Quick, Tom Playle-Hull, Dee Taylor and Carol May

2018, a great year for us, culminating in our position as finalist for one of the Personal Finance Awards

Team growth

Carol May joined our paraplanning team in March. Chartered Financial Planner, Mark MacLean, joined as Director and Louise MacLean joined as Administrator to help with investment research and analysis in April. Michele Webster joined as Paraplanner working with Mark in September.

Exam success

Dee Taylor completed her apprenticeship achieving a BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business Administration. Tom Playle-Hull moved from apprenctice to Paraplanner and has achieved three qualifications of six towards his Diploma in Financial Planning which is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Insurance and the Personal Finance Society. Carol May has begun her journey towards the Diploma in Financial Planning achieving the first of the six qualifications.

Laura Emerson, already a Diploma in Financial Planning holder, has achieved two papers towards becoming a Chartered Financial Planner and has two more to go. Andy Langworthy achieved Chartered Financial Planner status and is now working towards Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society. Adrian Quick, Mark MacLean and Steph McDonald all hold Chartered Financial Planner status and Fellowships representing the gold standard in the financial planning profession; contributing to our Chartered Financial Planning Firm status.


After 10 years with HarperLees, Steph McDonald became a Director in November joining Adrian Quick and Mark MacLean on the Board.

Personal celebration

Adrian and Carrie Quick celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

All tremendous achievements which we are very happy to celebrate as 2018 comes to a close.




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