Adrian Quick


Chartered Financial Planner

My career began in accountancy with Saga before I joined the financial advice industry with the CIS in 1979. I subsequently helped establish a new branch for Royal Life in Essex and in 1992 took over as the Branch Manager.

I set up HarperLees in May 1996 as a sole trader IFA firm because I believed I would get better client outcomes setting up an independent practice than I was able to deliver tied to Royal Life. I was right.

Now I focus on big picture planning, both for clients and HarperLees, doing what I do best whilst employing the best people to do the rest.

It’s a partnership with our clients, driven by creating better futures for them and making a real difference to their lives.

What next at HarperLees?

We will continue to grow organically, nurturing the third generation of Chartered Financial Planners. We will also consistently refine and reshape lifestyle financial planning, to be the best we can be and promote its value to as many people as we can.

I am passionate about being the catalyst for better lives for clients, staff and their families.

Professional qualifications

MSc Financial Planning & Business Management
Fellow Personal Finance Society

Chartered Financial Planner

Later Life Accredited Adviser (SOLLA)

Accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisers for Retirement


When not at work, I enjoy
  • Time with my wife Carrie who’s shared my life since 1976, our children and our two grand children.
  • Karate, which I’ve been training in for 35 years.
My bucket list
  • An extended tour through Europe.
  • Continuing to refining my own work-life balance and consistently doing for myself what I do for clients.
  • Passing the day-to-day management of HarperLees to Steph & Mark.
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