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We want to help you make the right choice when it comes to partnering with a financial planning team. Here’s why we might be a good fit.
We are

Lifestyle financial planners

Lifestyle financial planning is all about just that: your life. It puts you and your family front and centre, focusing on the life you would like to live and the future you want. Only once we have built a clear picture of that, do we think about your money – that is simply a means to achieving your aspirations. By working in this way, we never lose sight of what really matters.

We are


Chartered status is the ultimate symbol of professionalism in the financial planning world. It is something that demonstrates our commitment to the highest standards and quality of advice, and something we are incredibly proud of. Find out more about what working with Chartered Financial Planners means.

We are


We have always been proud to be an independent financial planning firm. We do not operate on a restricted basis, so have the freedom to choose solutions and products from the whole of the market. This means you can be confident that whatever your needs, we have the flexibility to find the right way forward.

We are

A team

We do not call ourselves the HarperLees “family” for nothing! Everyone here is driven to succeed by working collaboratively to achieve a great outcome for our clients. From our planners to our paraplanners, the admin team to our compliance officers, our whole service is dedicated to you. When you work with us, you become a client of HarperLees as a whole, not just the individual.

We have got

Someone to suit you

Our team consists of a real variety of people and personalities, covering a range of backgrounds, ages and specialisms. Not only does that bring a tonne of energy and ideas to the table, but it means we can match you with the perfect planning team. And with longevity on our side, you can expect to have that same team by your side for years to come.

We’re officially

Top Rated

We’re proud to announce that VouchedFor has named us one of their Top Rated Firms in their 2024 guide, distributed by The Times.

VouchedFor is the UK’s leading review website for financial advisers, and the Top Rated Guide aims to identify and celebrate the UK’s best financial advice firms based on client feedback. Even better, we are a Top Rated Firm for the second consecutive year.

We are


When it comes to our approach, it is very much a partnership. We will not talk down to you or dictate what you should do, but we will also challenge you and ask difficult questions where we need to. In working together as equals over a long-term basis, we believe we get the very best outcomes.