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After a lifetime of work, this time is all about you. We are here to help you enjoy this next stage, without having to worry about money.
Your retirement

Your way

As you transition into this next stage in life, it is natural to have questions and concerns about what the future holds. The ones we hear most frequently are “will I have enough money to last the whole of my retirement?” or “will I be able to keep living my preferred lifestyle?”

We are here to help answer some of those questions and give you confidence in your financial future. With a tailored financial plan, we can ensure you meet all your objectives and give you the freedom to focus on the things that matter.

We firmly believe that wealth isn’t just about money. We aim to help you to live a fulfilling retirement, enriched with experiences and memories – with a robust financial strategy to support that.


We help you

Explore your options

Pensions only form one part of your retirement solution. We will talk you through all your options and help you make fully-informed decisions regarding all your assets, including property, investments and savings.

Cashflow modelling

With smart cashflow modelling tools, we can effectively forecast how much money you will need for the rest of your life, factoring in any number of things you might want to do, such as gifting money to your loved ones or taking the trip of a lifetime.

Estate planning

Many people would like to one day be able to leave a legacy to their loved ones. We will work with you on an effective, tax-efficient wealth transfer, and see whether it is possible to do so while you’re still here to witness the benefits.

Peace of mind

Most of all, we are here to give you confidence and peace of mind for the future. As your trusted partners, we will support you through each important decision – all you have to do is live the retirement you always wanted.


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Gary & Karen Sexstone

Now we're working with Steph, we have confidence in our retirement journey.