Everything is Different Now… Or is it?

By HarperLees

Everything Is Different Now…. Or is it?

Our lives are all changing dramatically as we adjust to the ‘new world’ requirements of self-isolation, shopping for need only and balancing family and work responsibilities.

At HarperLees, we are heading towards the end of week one having our team working from home. It has been reassuring that the ‘contingency plan’ we hoped would never be needed, has worked well. We are available, and please feel free to contact us for any assistance whether advice-related or simply for a general catch up.


Ideas and Assistance

We would welcome the sharing of suggested ideas from our clients, to our clients in respect of things to do during these ‘self-isolation’ times.

These could be practical or useful assistance, favourite books or music, or simply a welcome distraction from the seemingly 24-hour news pictures of doom and despair.

As a starter, we found Google Arts and Culture here which offers virtual tours to over 2000 museums, art galleries and famous world sites and landmarks . This may not match up to being there, and you will unfortunately need to make your own meals! However, it may inform your future holiday choices when we can all return to the new normality.

The government has also set up a Register for those that have a medical condition making the individual extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. It aims to provide help such as getting deliveries of essential supplies like food and we understand that it can be used to register for ourselves and others. The link can be found here



World stockmarkets have continued to be volatile although we have seen some respite to the daily falls stimulated by continued government and central bank interventions. For example, the FTSE100 has seen 4 days of gains from the last 7 (to 25 March 2020). This doesn’t necessarily evidence that the worst is yet behind us and it is right to continue to view the markets with caution.

The following chart perhaps bring some optimism for future recovery prospects by showing the recovery periods and improvements seen after historically significant market falls in the UK:


As always, please contact us if you need any assistance, or have suggestions for other clients.

Stay safe and we look forward to catching up soon.