A Day In The Life – 24.04.2020

By HarperLees

HarperLees Update: A Day In The Life

We would like to thank our clients and connections that have provided very positive feedback to our newsletters and shared ideas for future editions. It is also gratifying that we know of a financial adviser firm who ‘borrowed’ our content for their own newsletter!

HarperLees Wellbeing HUB Launch

Our Covid-19 related Wellbeing HUB is now available at our website. The aim is to provide a directory of support services and signpost information and help resources. The sections comprise of:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Money Stuff
  • Personal Action
  • Your Business
  • Community

We would urge you to share the content with friends and family who may need assistance. Anyone you refer can register to receive our future newsletters direct.

We will continue to update content we feel may be useful and we welcome your feedback and additional ideas.

Ideas and Assistance

Our previous newsletters have suggested online viewing entertainment with Theatre, Music, Sport and Museums tours.

This time, to prove we are up with the times, we have several Podcasts for your listening pleasure:

Adrift – With Geoff Lloyd (BBC Radio 5) and Annabel Port. The opportunity to laugh, or cringe with other’s difficult social interactions, depending upon whether you are a social butterfly, or more likely to perspire at the thought of making small talk with a stranger!

Reasons To Be Cheerful – With Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd. Putting aside the visual images of Ed Miliband struggling with a bacon sandwich, this offers an uplifting listen by discussing solutions to put the world to rights, drawing on experts in their fields and searching for the positive amongst the gloom.

Happy Place – Fearne Cotton interviews actors, musicians and sports stars about their lives posing the question of ‘Where’s your Happy Place’.

All podcasts are available by clicking on the titles above.

If you prefer visual entertainment:

One World: Together at Home, which saw poverty fighting movement Global Citizen and the World Health Organisation (WHO) team up to air this global special with a singers and musicians performing from their own homes, supporting healthcare and key workers. The whole concert is available on You Tube, with BBC highlights here

Shakespeare’s Globe is streaming their stage version of Romeo and Juliet here.

For a comparatively more ‘modern’ stage show, All or Nothing, the story of Steve Marriott and The Small Faces is available for one night only here at 7 pm on Friday 24 April raising funds for NHS Charities Together.

To complete the nostalgic look back at the 60s, or a history lesson depending upon your generation, we asked local author Brian Southall to tell us about his new book:

Just to say that I am not doing anything as impressive as walking around my garden 100 times or dancing in the street to raise money for the NHS or any other good causes – so sorry about that.

I am simply going to mention the last book I wrote called The Beatles: Album By Album which takes a look at that group’s UK album releases through the ears and words of an esteemed collection of musicians, producers, broadcasters, journalists – and me!

I asked each of them to write or tell the tale about which of the Beatles’ British albums released between 1963 and 1969 was their favourite and why.

As I read through their thoughts I was fascinated by the stories behind their love for a particular album and delighted that my personal choice was echoed by the likes of award winning lyricist Sir Tim Rice; hit songwriter (for the Hollies and the Yardbirds) 10cc’s Graham Gouldman; Roxy Music, and The Beatles producer Chris Thomas; and broadcaster Johnnie Walker. “Please Please Me”, it seems, changed their lives as much as it changed mine in 1963.

So if you fancy a trawl back through time to find out who liked the album that is your favourite then a read through The Beatles Album By Album (published by Carlton Books) might break up the tedium of another day in lock down.

Thank you and please stay safe … Brian Southall

Brian’s excellent book can be ordered from Amazon here and also from some very good local bookshops.


Our investment comment this week comes from Seven Investment Management, one of our Investment partners, who discuss the Lizard and the Reasoner in the context of human behaviour and reactions to investing through challenging periods.

The complete article is available on our website here

As always, please let us know if you would like to discuss your own situation.

Contacts and Advice

We remain available, and please feel free to contact us for any assistance whether advice-related or simply for a general catch up.

Stay safe and we look forward to catching up soon.