Laura Emerson


Chartered Financial Planner

I joined HarperLees in January 2016, after having time away to look after my daughters.

I assist the Financial Planners in forming good client relationships, building and maintaining financial plans and drafting client specific reports. I also focus on Long Term Care and Equity Release solutions.

HarperLees has given me the opportunity to return to the finance industry on a part time basis allowing for a work/life balance that fits around my family. The HarperLees staff are a superb team of enthusiastic and passionate people who really care about what they do and believe in making a difference.

HarperLees knows where their expertise lies, they do not concentrate on selling clients products, but instead focus on the importance of having a Lifestyle Financial Plan.

What Next at HarperLees?

I have recently achieved Chartered Financial Planner status, having successfully completed the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. It is my intention to maintain this status by focussing on my continued professional development knowledge, allowing me to remain successful in the Paraplanner role.

Professional qualifications

Chartered Financial Planner

When not at work, I enjoy
  • Spending time with my family.
  • Making the most of everything.
  • Good food.
My bucket list
  • To visit Australia and New Zealand.
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