Alice Cox

HarperLees helped fund the cost of my brother’s care and maintain the highest possible quality of life for him.


Hi. My name is Alice, and I’ve been a client of HarperLees for almost six years.

My brother Norman had fallen seriously ill, so we were both going through quite a difficult time. He did have quite a lot of savings, but I needed somebody who could think outside the box, not just offer pure investment planning. Somebody suggested that I went to HarperLees, and I was amazed at how well they treated me as an individual, as well as looking at my needs.

HarperLees helped me with my brother’s finances when he was unfortunately no longer to look after them himself. As I say, he had fallen very ill and although he had spoken to other financial advisors, they looked purely at doing a good job on getting returns on his money. But HarperLees looked at the whole picture. They looked at how we could fund Norman’s growing costs, as he was now at home with live-in carers, which was very costly. HarperLees helped us work out funding for that to maintain the highest quality of life that we could get.

For me, it was very important to work with financial planners, as my experience with financial advisors was that their advice was very generic, and only dealt with how to increase my brother’s funds. But as financial planners, HarperLees took a much wider view. They were far more interested in how we could secure and improve his quality of life.

The best thing about working with HarperLees is knowing there is somebody you can call on at any time and that you will be treated with respect and kindness. They’ve become more of a friend than a financial planner.

I would describe HarperLees as caring and professional and consider them friends.

There is so much to say about working with Steph and Adrian. They are such personable people, you feel that you can contact them any time, night or day, and they will be there for you. The main thing I like about HarperLees is that I know if I recommended somebody to them for financial planning, they would get the same individual, rather than generic, treatment I did. They’re very interested in getting the best for people. I keep mentioning quality of life, but we’re only here once so quality of life is very important – it’s not all about money. Of course, for people who want to grow their wealth for their relations or children, HarperLees are very much on the ball with that as well.

When working with HarperLees, I may be a client, but I feel like I’m part of their team.