HarperLees have helped me feel confident about my financial future.


Hi, my name is Diane and I’ve worked with HarperLees for almost a year now.

I came to need a financial planner after divorcing. I had a variety of different pensions, savings and investments, but didn’t really understand my financial situation. I needed somebody to help me to put it all into perspective.

I chose HarperLees after they were initially recommended by my solicitor. Once I’d done some research on them, I contacted Mark and he and the team were just so friendly and helpful. I knew I didn’t need to look anywhere else.

Over the past year, Mark has been able to provide me with a financial portfolio that shows the level of my investments, pensions and savings, and from that they’ve projected when I will be able to retire and how I will be able to live my retirement doing the things that I want to do.

Through this process with Mark, I now feel much more confident and relaxed, and actually understand what my financial outgoings will be in the future.

If I wasn’t working with Mark, I wouldn’t have any confidence or reassurance, and wouldn’t know what I had for the future financially. Mark has taken the time to explain it all to me, so I now know exactly how I will be placed going forwards.

I would definitely recommend Mark and HarperLees – to my friends, colleagues, or anybody. They are such a friendly, professional and helpful financial advisor – Mark can’t do enough for you – and their support has just been overwhelming.

The three words I would use to describe HarperLees are: professional, friendly, and informative.

The single best thing about working with Mark and HarperLees is how they have totally relaxed me and made me feel confident about my future.

For anybody that finds themselves in the position I was in, speaking to a financial advisor is definitely worth it as they will help you no end. With their advice, I can actually see a future for myself, which I couldn’t before, and now I know how I’ll be able to enjoy my retirement.