Thanks to HarperLees, we now have a structured retirement plan that will enable us to live the life we want.


Hi, my name is Ray and I’ve been working with HarperLees for the past four years.

During my time with HarperLees, from the initial inquiry up until we actually completed the transaction, they’ve  provided me with invaluable advice about my pension options.

Certainly, the advice HarperLees has provided has enabled me to formulate a plan for retirement, which is probably more structured than it previously had been.

Having a plan in place is vitally important. But the greatest comfort actually comes from building a relationship, so that my wife has got a contact she could speak to in the event of the unspeakable happening.

Generally, the meetings are relaxed but informative, and I come away feeling that things are moving in the right direction. It’s a very collaborative approach.

The most important thing about working with a planning firm like HarperLees is that you’re not just talking about products – you’re actually talking about your objectives and how to get there. It’s a process rather than just a “quick sale”.

In the past, I’ve recommended HarperLees to friends and colleagues who have needed advice. I’ve probably known Adrian for 35 years and have the highest regard for him. I’ve always known what he’s seeking to achieve, and, obviously, that’s reflected in the rest of the company. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them.

Three words to describe HarperLees would be professional, good listeners, and helpful with long-term planning.

Most people don’t plan their retirement, and that’s evident from what you read. The benefit of planning is not only peace of mind, but being able to retire and hopefully live the life that you want. And if you find you can’t, then it gives you time to make the steps necessary to either cut your cloth accordingly or build a plan if you’ve got sufficient time to do so. All I would ever urge anyone to do is: don’t leave it too late before you start making that plan.