Living In Extraordinary Times – 12.06.20

By HarperLees

During the Covid-19 lockdown period, our newsletters have deliberately avoided the negative pandemic news flow with our aim to find distractions and practical guidance for our clients and connections. Thank you to so many who have sent us positive feedback on the content.

However, we could not ignore the recent scenes from Minneapolis and the Black Lives Matter campaign rising across the globe, despite the pandemic. It can be easy to criticise the apparent ignoring of the social distancing rules. This Independent  article by Funmi Olutoye brings an informed and eloquent perspective.

In other UK news, we have the introduction of ‘Support Bubbles’ whilst a delay to schools opening for all children suggests the majority will be unlikely to return before September. Yet, golf courses are open and we are a week away from the Premier League football restart. Living in Extraordinary Times indeed!

Despite the backdrop of ‘real life’, investment markets have continued their recovery. We have included our latest market thoughts alongside our regular features of the HarperLees Desert Island Discs and Distraction ideas.

Please click the links on all songs, films and activities throughout the Newsletter for your enjoyment.

HarperLees Wellbeing HUB

The Government has updated the social distancing guidance to include a ‘Support Bubble’. To read the full article click here.

Desert Island Discs From HarperLees

Continuing our series, Laura Emerson shares her 8 songs, book and luxury item:

Dance Monkey – Tones and I – A recent song which has become a “dance in the kitchen song.” My daughters and I turn it up loud and commence crazy dancing with toneless singing. This would be a much-needed pick me up if stranded.

Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce – Another song that me and my girls must turn up loud and sing with attitude!

Waterfalls – TLC – a favourite of mine, always has been.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Jerry & the Pacemakers – First song at my wedding, chosen by a husband who supports LFC. A tearjerker that would be needed whilst huddled round a fire – wrapped in a stranded boat sail or tarpaulin.

Wonderwall – Oasis – another good song to listen to whilst sitting round the fire, contemplating life.

PhotosynthesisFrank Turner – Great song! From his album Love, IRE and Song – on the days when I am feeling young and do not want to be a grown up.

Love, IRE and song – Frank Turner – Realism hits and you must be a grown up

I’ll Bring you Flowers – Sweet Female attitude – A feel good song to move to.

Book:  Ordinarily I would choose a crime novel, but I would be easily spooked if really stranded. How to Survive on a Desert Island by Tim O’Shei would be my go-to!

Luxury item:  An alcohol tipple would be great but as I cannot function without sleep, I would choose to take my feather pillow!

Market Update

Approaching 3 months into the UK lockdown, it feels appropriate to take a view on your portfolio and look at what may happen next. Please click here.

Distraction Ideas

Our distraction suggestions are:


The inspiration for this week’s newsletter title came from James’ 2018 album as the themes from ‘Living in Extraordinary Times’ seem so apt for our current times.

May we suggest that Many Faces from the album is particularly relevant with a spine-tingling acoustic version here and a full album review from Even The Stars here.

All albums and songs are available to stream via the usual providers. However, please consider better supporting the artists who have all seen their income dramatically reduce through Covid-19 by buying the physical versions.


Comedy – full gigs available from Theatres Online including Lee Mack, Jimmy Carr, Sarah Millican, and Ricky Gervais

Puccini’s Il Trittico – From The Royal Opera, Covent Garden.

OurHouseToYourHouse – The Royal Opera house will be streaming live with the first concert on June 13th including work from Benjamin Britten and George Frideric Handel.

Song of the Earth – presented by English National Ballet on 17 June

Nature Live Online – The Natural History Museum are presenting a series of online talks including Volcanos, Rivers of Mars, Termites and Butterflies.

Contacts and Advice

We hope you find our newsletter informative and entertaining and welcome your ideas for future articles. Thank you to those that have shared the newsletter with friends and family.

We intend to move to a fortnightly update after this week unless there is significant news to share.

As always, please contact us at any time for assistance.

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