Who Can Care For Me Now?

21st February 2019

There is a lot of focus on arranging Wills, which puts the right money in the right hands on your death. Good planning, but all too often there is not the same attention to preparing for the possibility that you may lose the mental and/or physical capacity to retain control of your own affairs.

You have the right to nominate the people that you trust to look after both your Health & Welfare and Financial & Property affairs. You can do this through the two versions of the ‘Lasting Powers of Attorney’ introduced in 2007. LPAs have a wider remit than the older Enduring Powers of Attorney.

Yes, it is a bit more paperwork (and cost, although you can do it yourself) to get the LPAs in place, but if you doubt the impact and future challenges your family face looking after you when you can’t look after yourself, I strongly recommend you read ‘Who Can Care For Me Now?’. This book was written by Elizabeth Orr, one of our clients, and Adrian was privileged to write the Foreword.

Elizabeth’s short but poignant book tells the factual story of caring for her brother Norman. The reality of the problems they faced and the lack of joined up thinking by the health and care bodies is disturbing, compounded by the lack of a Health & Welfare LPA. Their journey highlights the value of and need for families to discuss and arrange affairs to reflect, enable and support later life decisions and care.

Please, do not put this discussion off. Grab a copy of the book off Amazon (Kindle or Paperback) or call us to discuss on 01277 350560.

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